Reaching The Nations

As the Church, we are called to preach the gospel and take care of the poor locally, nationally and globally. One of the ways we do that is by financially supporting strategic missions efforts around the world.

Missions Core Values

Missions is a core value of Broadway Pentecostal Church. We value people who are unaware of God’s grace, mercy and love. As responsive disciples of Jesus Christ, we believe that we owe them His compassion and that we are called to be the instruments of that compassion. Our practical acts of service clearly show them that they matter to us and, ultimately, to God.

Between local and international missions, it is our desire to replicate the building of strong disciples of Jesus Christ, who will be well-equipped to effectively reach pre-Christians with the loving and redemptive message of salvation in any and every context to the glory of God. Therefore, we will train and equip people who are called of God to effectively serve and / or lead in order to accomplish the work of local and global missions (Luke 15; Matthew 28:19).

Local Missions

Local Missions is accomplished through our Love Orangeville ministry – a philosophy of ministry, a common thread, woven into the fabric of the entire being and doing of the Church. Whether it’s one of the many fun and exciting initiatives by the Children’s Ministries department, such as Kidopolis, our mid-week outreach to neighbourhood kids, or our energetic seniors group, The Harvesters, sponsoring little league sports teams, or our Church-Wide initiatives such as the annual Hope Banquet at Christmas, which meet the physical and spiritual needs of needy citizens, there is something for everyone to be involved in.

One thing we must never forget is that worship is about God not us.

International Missions

International Missions at Broadway Pentecostal Church goes beyond mere sponsorship of missionaries to include active partnership through prayer and participation with Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC) missionaries and related ministries. Currently, we sponsor one missionary family - Pastor Hector and Ruth Aragon in Guatemala.