The Aragon Family - Guatemala

The Aragons have been actively involved in evangelism and visitation work for ChildCARE Plus (CCP) since January 1997. The program is presently benefiting 15 communities in Guatemala, each with a school and a local church, and with a total enrolment of more than 3,500 children. Hector works with the local pastor, visiting the parents of sponsored children, encouraging them to receive Christ, attend church and to continue sending their kids to school.

They work with the William Cornelius Vocational Training Centre (WCVTC), which provides education in technical studies to CCP graduates.

They are continually taking short term missions teams from Canada to do ministry on the streets, in public schools and in hospitals. They also take Canadian task force teams on any building projects needed on the WCVTC, or to help fix or remodel ChildCARE Plus schools. They also help to lead these teams on work done on new edifices for developing local assemblies. Hector also engages in teaching and preaching in churches and gatherings of pastors and evangelists.

Ministry goals for the year:

  • Translate, print and promote a Sunday School Certificate Program.
  • Train pastors and their leaders with a new, translated, PAOC-authored discipleship program.
  • Help the CCP schools close the three-year gap for preparing students for the WCVTC.
  • Promote the need for more sponsors.
  • Visit all the parents of sponsored children.
  • Assist with the CCP feeding program.

Medical care is all but unavailable to hundreds of poor families in Guatemala. Minor injuries or illnesses can quickly become
life-threatening. Pray for local and international ministries seeking to help meet pressing needs like infant mortality and
malnutrition, which are among the highest in the region.

Prayer Focus:

1. Pray for divine guidance and strength for Hector and Ruth as they make use of every opportunity available to share the Good News to the people of Guatemala.

2. Pray for traveling mercies on their daily commuting and also when teams are there.

3. Pray especially for their work with local pastors and for the salvation of parents with children involved in the CCP program, and that their children will be fully equipped for the ministry God has for them. They would like to see the schools being light and salt in the communities they call home.

4. Pray that the Lord will lead the Aragons to specific areas of ministry as there are so many needs in the CCV schools.

5. Pray with us for our daughters, Raquel and Ruthy, both living in an apartment, and furthering their studies in Toronto.


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